Our Investors

Mrs. Anjali Rattan Nashier

Mrs. Anjali Rattan Nashier is Business Chair of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited. Mrs Rattan is a dynamic entrepreneur having created businesses varying from turnkey real estate projects to renewables.

Mrs Rattan founded RattanIndia Solar, scaled it to 306 MW in a short span of time and got General Electric as an investor in her solar business. She sold the solar assets in 2019 to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP). She is known in the solar industry for her superb execution skills and the highest quality of the projects.

Mrs. Rattan is transforming the group towards new-age businesses with cutting-edge technologies which has a potential to transform lives of a billion Indians.

Mrs. Rattan studied Electrical Engineering. In addition to that, she is a law graduate. She is an alumnus of Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, has also studied HR strategy at London Business School and is currently pursuing OPM (Owner’s President’s Management Programme) at Harvard Business School, Boston.

Mr. Rajiv Rattan

Mr. Rajiv Rattan is the Founder of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited. An alumnus of IIT Delhi, Rajiv started his professional carrier with Schlumberger, one of the largest oilfield services company in the world.

A first generation entrepreneur, he co-founded Indiabulls Group in 2000 as India’s first online stock trading brokerage which went on to become a large business conglomerate with businesses in Consumer Finance (2nd largest mortgage lender in India), Securities (largest stock brokerage in India), Real Estate and Power Generation with a combined networth of more than $ 5 billion.

Mr. Rajiv Rattan is also Chairman of Rattanindia Power Ltd. (2,700 MW), Rattanindia Finance Pvt. Limited and Revolt Motors.

Single biggest quality of an entrepreneur is optimism. I am eternally optimistic on India. Favorable demographics, our talented people and a stable democratic system make up for a very strong foundation for our economic progress. I do not have an iota of doubt that our 1.35 billion aspiring Indians will propel the growth of the country towards top 3 economies in the world. Digital ecosystems and technology will make India the beacon of economic progress in the world. I am sure RattanIndia Group will be at the forefront of this economic revolution and contribute positively towards a prosperous New India. - Mrs. Anjali Rattan

NeoSky is a wholly owned subsidiary of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited.

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited is the flagship company of RattanIindia Group for its new age growth businesses. The company is focused on businesses with cutting edge technologies which have the potential to transform the lives of billion plus Indians. RattanIndia Enterprises Limited comprises of tech focussed new age businesses including e-commerce, electric vehicles, fintech and drones.

India is home to one of the largest young populations in the world. An aspiring population that will drive India towards its goal of $ 5 trillion economy. Digital ecosystems are driving the next generation change in the country and technology will play a vital role in solving India scale problems. RattanIndia Enterprises Limited will be at the forefront of this change with businesses with large addressable markets and potential to solve fundamental problems of the country.

India has second largest internet enabled population and third largest e-commerce consumer base in the world with e-commerce penetration of less than 5%. RattanIndia Enterprises Limited through its wholly owned subsidiary Cocoblu Retail Ltd. is one of the largest online sellers in India across multiple product categories. Cocoblu Retail Ltd. is committed to scale up brands and help them to reach their true potential through digital channels.

India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world and RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd. is committed to enable clean and green commute in India. Revolt Motors, the market leader in electric motorcycles in India is focused on making electric vehicles accessible to all Indians.
RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd is leading the charge in Fintech through BankSe, a digital lending marketplace offering instant personal loans, two-wheeler loans, and credit cards to customers in partnership with leading banks and NBFCs in India.

NeoSky India Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd. is leading the way in drone industry in India with its 360° Drone-as-a-Product and Drone-as-a-Service portfolio. Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS), a subsidiary of NeoSky India is a market leader in enterprise, defence & delivery drones in India and currently counts marquee organisations as its clients. RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd. has made strategic investment in Matternet, US based market leader in urban drone logistics. Drones systems are set to positively impact the core sectors of the economy and will prove to be extremely transformative by providing cost effective business solutions for developing countries like India.

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited also has shareholding in Group’s thermal power business. RattanIndia Enterprises Limited is listed on National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
More information on RattanIndia enterprises. https://rattanindia.com/

REL’s Business interests

Drones100% subsidiary

Electric Vehicles100% subsidiary

Ecommerce100% subsidiary

Fintech100% subsidiary

India aims to be a global drone hub by the year 2030. Indian drone industry is expected to grow from $360 mn in 2020 to $10 bn in 2025 and $37 bn by 2030. Neosky India Ltd (‘Neosky’), a wholly owned subsidiary of REL is leading the way in drone industry in India with its 360° Drone as a Product (DaaP – drone hardware), Drone as a Service (DaaS – drone service solutions) and Software as a Service (SaaS – drone software) portfolio. Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS), a 60% subsidiary of NeoSky is a market leader in enterprise, defence & delivery drones in India and currently counts marquee organisations like Adani Real Estate, Karnataka Govt., Gujarat Police, etc as its clients. TAS is among the market leaders in drones in India, has qualified for Govt. of India’s incentive scheme and is the first drone manufacturer in the country to be approved by Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Ministry of Defence (MoD) for manufacture of civil and military grade drones. REL has also made a strategic minority investment in Matternet, a US based market leader in urban drone logistics. Drones systems are set to positively impact the core sectors of the economy and will prove to be extremely transformative by providing cost effective business solutions for developing countries like India.

Electric Vehicles
India is tracking tremendous scale up in the electric two-wheeler sales during this decade. India’s EV penetration in the 2-wheelers segment is set to increase from meagre 1% in 2020 to 32% in 2025 and 80% by 2030. REL’s strategic investment in Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd. (‘Revolt’), a leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles in India has started paying off. REL has signed definitive documents to increase its stake in Revolt from 33% to 100% and the deal is on track to be completed within the current quarter. Revolt has fortified its presence across the nation by strengthening the distribution infrastructure to 26 cities with 30 stores. This is backed by quality business model built with advanced use of technology and AI enabled electric motorcycle. Revolt has received positive response from customers which underlines its success and reinforces our confidence in the Indian EV market. REL will continue to invest in R&D, ramp up production capacity to meet the fast-increasing demand for electric motorcycles, and increase consumer touchpoints around the nation. Presently, the motorcycles are fully localised that will help improve the product proposition and pricing for the customers.

India’s retail industry is projected to grow at 9% over 2019-2030, from $779 bn in 2019 to $1.4 tn by 2026 and more than $1.8 tn by 2030. Online retail market in India is projected to reach $350 bn by 2030 due to rising online shoppers in the country, thereby standing at ~20% of the overall retail industry. To capitalize on this growth story, REL has established the e-commerce business through its wholly owned subsidiary Cocoblu Retail Limited (Cocoblu). Apart from being a seller on Amazon platform, Cocoblu is focused on helping brands succeed in ecommerce marketplaces by achieving scale. Post launch in Feb 2022, Cocoblu has partnered with more than 600 brands across the country to bring them onto the leading online platform. REL has invested circa. 45 mn in Cocoblu to develop and nurture the business, and in a short span of time, it has built the capability of serving customers pan-India with more than 40 million orders fulfilled since the launch. REL has created cutting-edge technology with fully integrated systems, detailed data driven customer insights, automated inventory management, robust supply chain network and dedicated software for custom fulfilment.

India is a $612 bn retail credit market. Taking advantage of the enormous opportunity to create financial inclusion across the country, REL has invested into FinTech business through its wholly owned subsidiary Neotec Enterprises Limited (‘BankSe’). BankSe is positioned as India’s premier, all-digital, one-stop financial solutions provider bringing together lending institutions on a real-time platform to fulfil customer requirements instantly. Accessible through an app across all OS platforms and online through a website, BankSe currently offers Personal loans, Two-wheeler loans, Credit Cards, Bill discounting services, housing loans, while more product launches are underway. It has tied up with 30 leading banks, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) and FinTechs and has more than 250,000 registered customers on its portal. BankSe is designed with a tech-driven approach, to analyse multiple life-stage and financial parameters of customers and to come up with tailored solutions, which are well-priced for their requirements