Drone Services

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why invest and buy drones when the technology keeps changing frequently, partner with us for all your drone technology needs.

Drone solutions are widely being used across multiple industries. Land mapping, inspection of infrastructure and assets, surveillance, Agriculture, logistics to name a few. We work closely with our enterprise and government clients, understand the challenges that they are facing and design a customised solution which is based on drone technology. These solutions are tech and data driven, they help our clients in increasing productivity, reducing costs, scaling up their businesses or giving better controls on the current operations. We partner in the progress of our clients.

Drone Services

Infrastructure inspection

Rattan group (NeoSky’s parent company) started from the infrastructure sector, so your choice of partnering with is the best step for your organization. We support our clients with the following.

  • Inspection
  • Cracks, Micro-cracks analysis
  • Safety survey
  • 3D mapping of Infrastructure
  • Volumetric analysis for mines
  • Temperature & Leakage monitoring
  • Mine blasting and many more

Land Mapping

Our product DOPO* can map 1.5 Sq kms in a single flight and over 5 Sq kms in a single day with up to 3 cms X, Y & Z accuracy. So, wait explore NeoSky solutions across the following services…

  • Mapping Urban & Rural households
  • Large scale mapping
  • Creating GIS codes
  • Geotagging
Land Mapping

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We have a team of experts who built multi-city operations at scale and our drones* can carry payloads over 20 kgs and completed BVLOS trials. Let’s partner to create a world class drone delivery operation. We can support…

  • Crowd management
  • Target tracking
  • Odd-behaviour tracking
  • Number plate tracking
  • Patrolling
  • Traffic management

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Drones are fast becoming the new normal in agriculture. Our product* DOPO can support farm economy on the following…

  • Payload – Transfer of items
  • RFID / Bar code tracking
  • WH management and many more

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As a manufacturer* of military grade unmanned aerial systems like TALV-TACT, Nimble-i and Anti-Drone like Defender, no one knows surveillance better than us. The following services are part of our offering…

  • Crop management
  • Inspection
  • Fraud insurance claim management
  • Seed dropping
  • Spray

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